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New mini-game released! (Android & web)

Click here to play the web game!

Click here for the Android version!


Crazy Shark Ball 2 released! (Android & web)

This game puts the freak into pinball... you're about to embark
on a trip into the bizzare, into the weird, into the freaky...
it's PINBALL TIME! How will this journey end? Who knows...
only time will tell... only you will know... do you have the
skills to make it through the pinball machine... through the
madness that lies within... the madness of your very brain...

Pinball your way to a highscore and an adventure you may very
well tell your grand kids one day. And you do this all by simply
bouncing a shark around... poor shark... what did it ever do
to you? WHAT?

Click here to play the web version!

... or here to get the Android version!


Los Angeles Shark released! (web)

Click here to play Los Angeles Shark !!!


PewDiePie is lifting sharks!

You Tube celebrity PewDiePie made a movie about Shark Lifting 2!


Mausland's Shark Lifting 2 released! (web)

Check out this new Mausland game, sponsored by Newgrounds!

Travel the world on an epic shark lifting adventure with
shark-lifting master Masivv Von Swoledre. Play mini-games
and experience the burning passion of the muscule!!

Click here to play Shark Lifting 2 !!!


New Maus-app: Poop Dog (Android)

The latest Maus-app is here: POOP DOG!

Get ready to poop your way up to the sky!
That's 9 levels of pure pooping fun!

The app is free and you can download it here!


Two new Mausland mini-games released! (Flash)

Click here to play Donald Trump Pinball!

...or click here to play Crazy Shark Ball!!


New Maus-app: Shark Rodeo (Android)

Straight from the Maus Lab: The world's first shark rodeo game!
Click here to download for Android! For free!


New Maus-App: Ram Time! (Android)

I just finished working on this Android app and as always, it's
free of charge. If you like, you can download the app here
or simply play the web version here!


New Maus-app: Sleeping On Crocodiles (Android)

Guess what, I made a new Android-app.

Click here to check out screenshots and to get the app for free!

Or click here to play the game in your browser.

Did I mention that it's free? Well. It's free!


New Maus-app: Candy Volcano Tycoon (Android)

A new Mausland App! Harvest and sell the crops of the
Candy Volcano. Upgrade your vehicle, build real estates all
over the island and become the CANDY VOLCANO TYCOON!


New Mini-Game: Shark Lifting (Flash)


Stencyl Jam 2014!

I recently made a Flash game for Stencyl Jam 2014, which is
an annual contest about using the game creation software
'Stencyl'. It's the first time I've worked with it and you can
check out the game here!


Mausland's first Google Play-App!

My first Google Play-App! Run down the hills of San Francisco
with a cable car, avoid obstacles and collect as many points
as possible!

To get the game search the Google Play store for "Frisco Frenzy"
or click here! It's free!

Also... stay tuned for more (and better) mobile Maus apps! :)


Mausland's Prehistoric Shark released!

For a long time it was thought that the dinosaur age came
to an end as a result of a meteor or ice age.
There is no longer a dispute, as the truth has come out
and it hurts like getting your leg chewed in half.
Shark ate the dinosaurs and shark eats your face.

Click here to play!


Mausland's Time Shark early preview!


Featured Fan Art:


Mausland's Medieval Shark released!

Judgement day is upon us, as the prophecy foretold.
The master of death has come to claim the world.
But only a child fears dragons,
a real threat emerges from the depths.
Only he, a man, a shark, a sharkman can save us.
Is he our savior or are we just dinner?
A jaw of 1000 teeth in King Arthur's court will determine our fate.
Castles will be destroyed, lives will be forfeit,
death has met his match. Long live the king.

Click here to play!


Mausland's New York Shark released!

2012 is upon us the end of the world and his name is shark.
Where are we going big apple? The path to desolation.
You thought it was safe out of the water but it's not,
economy crash is the least of your problems.
How about 3 sets of teeth?

Click here to play!


A new exciting App from Mausland!

Powerful technology has been developed to bring you this
gripping, life-like simulation. A day in the life of a fish
and a mammal, namely a dolphin and it's endless
struggle of coexistance with man.
The animal rights statement piece of the decade.
Are we not all mammals?
Are we not all dolphins in some way?


Mausland on Facebook!

Lots of new Maus stuff!


Mausland Apps & Power Fox 4 release!!!

Lately, I've been toying around with making some Maus-Apps:

All Mausland Apps will be available for free soon!

This App I made comes even with accessories! :D
The german voice is saying "Loves me... Loves me not..."

Time for some work in the garden!

A preview on Mauslands very first App for Android phones!

A new Mausland Flash game is out! Click the pic above to play!


Mauslands Powerfox 4 Trailer!

Mauslands upcoming game Power Fox 4!

Maus fan art by SceneCreatorHQ from New York! You see all the
characters from Mauslands games! Click the pic to enlarge!


Merry Christmas!! Here are some news & gadgets!

It's a winter wonderland in Mausland, here's a snowmaus! :)

German beer company "Hasseroeder" steals from Mausland!

Click the pic above to release the Maus-Duckies!! :D

Let's build Google Maus View!


Lobster Festival (USA), Sydney Shark CHINESE!!!

I just went to the Lobster Festival at Rockland in
Maine, USA. If you're interested in lobsters click here to check
out the pics i took!

In other news, I just finished working on the chinese translation
of Sydney Shark! This is the first Mausland game translated into
chinese and distributed in china. To play the chinese version,
click here!


New mini game "Turtle Run" released, Game previews & Fan-made Mausland figurines!

"Turtle Run", a new Mausland game is here! Don't get squashed
by balls as you make your run to the ocean!

Click here to play Turtle Run!!!

Watch my best run so far, 34'99 seconds!

Here's an early look at Mausland's Aggressive Alpine Skiing 2.
Not much gameplay yet, but the snowy landscape looks nice
already. However, there will be A LOT of actions and new
features added in the final game.

And a Jetski game idea that I'm currently experimenting with. :)

Paula Stimach from Kansas City, Missouri, sent in these awe-
some Mausland character figurines that she hand-made from
polymer clay:

Click on the picture to enlarge it!

You see Squirrel, Sparky, Fafu the Ostrich, Crab, Speedmaster,
Powerfox, Honey Bunny, Monkey Dude and Castle Cat!
They are the main characters from Mausland's early games.

And here we have the seductive Tits Bear, also known as
Busenbaer, another infamous mascot of Mausland which
made an appearance in Frank's Adventure 4!


Weird MSN-article about Mausland's Sydney Shark!

I just found this article with the headline "Qantas jet destroyed
in 'evil shark' game" on the Australian MSN-site (
in which it says:

A Qantas spokesman told ninemsn they had looked at the
game and were not concerned enough to take any legal action
at this stage.

"We like to think we have a sense of humour but we also take
any non-supervised use of our brand very seriously,"
the spokesman said.

"We haven't had the opportunity to play the game right through,
but superficially there is nothing that causes major concern."

(Phew! Mausland is in luck, it seems!)

Also, MSN writes Sydney Shark "has quickly become one of the
most popular Flash-based games on the web". Yup! So go and
play it! :)

Click on the image to check out the whole article.


Maus fan art in Los Angeles!

Fan-made Maus Art in Los Angeles!! Thanks for sending in! <3

Maus streetart in L.A.! We wonder who lives behind this door!

Furthermore, Mauslands Sydney Shark just won Best
Game of the month of April 2010 on Newgrounds!!


Sydney Shark released !!!

After visiting family in Tampa Bay and it's thirst for destroying
aircraft and killing of innocents unquenched, our friend and
savior the Shark journeyed across half the planet to find itself
in the land down under, Australia. With annihilation of various
marsupial species in mind, it will brutally murder everything that
gets in it's way and everything not in it's way, taking down
a helicopter or two as chaser. Somewhere in the distance a
koala has a premonition of it's untimely and overly violent death.

Sydney Shark ranked #1 in the Newgrounds Top 50!

Sydney Shark game artworks! Click to enlarge.

Some ingame impressions of Sydney Shark.

2500 promotion stickers just arrived! Sharktastic!

Why not buy yourself a nice Shark T-Shirt?
Cick here to visit the shop!

By the way, Mauslands Miami Shark has been nominated for the
annual Tank Awards for Best Flash Game of 2009!

And there's an article on Kotaku about Miami Shark! Click here!

Last but not least, Miami Shark on the TV-show X-Play!! :D


"Sydney Shark"-trailer, "Hydra Game"-preview,
and "Ocean Life"-release!

Sydney Shark is coming on April 15!

Check out this Mausland game preview about feeding a flying,
tri-headed hydra in ancient Greece. Thrilling!

And there is an 8-bit style Mausland minigame release! Hooray!
Click here to play Ocean Life!


Mescaline and a new game-release!

Found this by the road on my way home

Cut it up and put it into my soup

What is life without a cactus?

In other news, Mausland just released a new mini game!
Do you have what it takes to be a Programming God?

Click here to play Programming God!


Mauslabs present Tea Sim!

Come witness the spectacle that is Tea Sim, the powerful and
moving inner journey through the most lifelike digital remastering
of the nationally celebrated pastime. Find romance, find adventure,
find tea; the ultimate Englishman experience.

Click here to play Tea Sim!


GoGoPlant-sculpture and Powerfox-Fan-artwork!

Crafted by Ilja Wiesner

You can click here to play Mauslands GoGoPlant-games!

Also, here is an awesome Powerfox-artwork by a fan named Phil:

Click the pics to enlarge

or click here to play Mauslands Powerfox-games!


CastleCat-sculpture and other epic stuff!

Crafted by Wiesis mom, Ilja Wiesner

You can click here to play Mauslands CastleCat-games!

A couple of weeks ago, Wiesi went to Miami and took this shot while
playing Miami Shark (no fake):

Click the pic to enlarge.

Speaking of Miami Shark, here we have an interview:

Click here to open the interview!

Last but not least, join the Fafu The Ostrich Fan Club on Facebook!

or click here to play Mauslands Fafu The Ostrich, the game!


Mauslands Miami Shark released!

Take a wild ride through the action packed daily routine of a Miami Shark, the destruction and mayhem is bound to rip your face off right through the screen. Intense shark-tion includes intense explosions, mass genocide of innocents and adrenaline pumping insanity. Warning: game will blow up your monitor.


Also, visit our friends blog:


Mausland is a winner in the E4 Games Awards 2009!

Ultimate Crab Battle is voted as your favorite arcade&retro-flashgame of 2009! Thank you for voting!!

Click here to play Ultimate Crab Battle!

Or watch a longplay video here:

Speaking of Retro and Arcade, check out this awesome Game Run Video of Mauslands Indian Outlaw:

Click here to play the game!

In other news, Mauslands Miami Shark will get released on October 7th! Stay tuned!!!


Mauslands Miami Shark Game Preview


Vote for Ultimate Crab Battle at!

Ultimate Crab Battle has been shortlisted for this year's E4 Flash Game Awards in the Arcade & Retro category!!

Click here to go to the voting!

New Mausland Game coming soon!

They killed his family, now the shark is PISSED!

Also, if you are new to Mausland check out our wonderful Animated Gifs Gallery! (Click on the picture below)


Mauslands Wii Games!!


Mauslands Photo King!

Watch Photo King played with a Wii-Mote in the video below
or click here to play the flash-game in your browser!!


Mauslands Ultimate Crab Battle played with Arcadestick!



Mauslabs present Wii-juice! :)


Animated Mausland Gifs!!
From today on a new Animated Gif with Mausland as theme will be released every day, 365 days!
Click here to check out the daily updated Animated Mausgif Gallery!


Outrun - Monument Valley
Here is a short video of Wiesi on his USA Roadtrip driving through Monument Valley :D
If you are interested in pics of the trip just click here.


New Mini-Webgame!


Pacific Super Kite game preview!
A new summer-beach-sports game is currently in the works. The kite will follow the mouse pointer; Target is to collect as much arrows as possible while completing the course before the time runs out. You can see it in the video below. Any additional ideas are very welcome! Drop us a line! :)


Mad Monday! released!
A new Mausland Game hits the web: Mad Monday!
Run amok on the freeway in this driving game! Equip up to three weapons, force other vehicles off the road or just shoot them, jump over bridges and trains! Submit your highscore.
Click here to play Mad Monday!


Contact form is working again
was broken -- is now fine...


Go Go Plant 2 released!!
This sequel features tons of better graphics, better sounds, better everything!! Be sure to use Firefox 3 for true arcade feel!
Click here to play Go Go Plant 2

Also, we just printed some nice Go Go Plant 2 Posters. Yay!




Go Go Plant! released!
A new Mausland Game hits the web: Go Go Plant!!
Its a strange land and being a walking flowerpot is not easy! Help this tourist survive the adventures of this unusual country!
Click here to play Go Go Plant!


Treasure Seas Inc released!
Mausland has released its newest Game: Treasure Seas Inc!!
Its an addicting adventure game where you dive down and hunt for treasures in the Caribbean Sea! Go for a high score!!
Click here to play Treasure Seas Inc!


Wiesi is going to Hong Kong on saturday! Visit the new travelblog which will be updated daily from monday on, over several weeks! Click here!!


You have to watch this video where a guy beats THE CRAP out of the final boss in the Mauslandgame "Fafu The Ostrich"! Awesome!

Just in case you havent seen it in the Main Feature (above the News), we found some really funny Alpine Skiing Fan Videos on the web! A must-see! ;)


Billy Blue Fish released!
Mausland has released its newest Game: Billy Blue Fish
Billy Blue fish is a trippy fellow who needs to find his way through enchanted levels! Go for the trip of your life and guide Billy to the candy store!
Click here to play Billy Blue Fish!


We have been digged

We have been digged on

Mausland welcomes all new visitors.
Unfortunately the link was straight to the bare swf, so we have all trafficcosts and no ad-incomes. Please link always to a real Mausland address and not the the swf itself or traffic costs will ruin us!! Thank you anyway...


Mausland is running on a new server

If you can read this, Mausland is running successfully on a new High-End-Server -- completely rewritten from scratch in Java.
Should be much faster now :)

Please send bugreports to bugs at


Mausland server up again

sorry for the downtime...


Thailand travelblog!

Wiesi is going to Thailand today and stays there for a month! So if you can read german text or you´re at least interested in photos go and check out his travelblog which will be updated every few days from now.

Click here to open Wiesi´s travelblog!


Bubble Splash released!!

Our new arcade puzzle game Bubble Splash hits the web!! Making this puzzlegame possible took us a long time so we hope you enjoy playing it!! Trixie, Basebot, Boba-King, Ninja-Kid, Monkeyman and Study-Bear are awaiting you!!


New Minigame released!

There is a beehive on the loose, move bee zig for great bee. Bee bee bee bee bee. If you want to make an omlett, you gotta kill some bees! Click the pic below to go to the minigame!


Frank´s Adventure 4 Goldversion released!

The long awaited Frank´s Adventure 4 Gold is here and is ready to kick your ass! Go and play the Frank´s Adventure 4 Goldversion, you will love it for sure!


Bullriding Explosive released!!

A new Mausland minigame is released! So what are you waiting for? Grab your cowboy hat and enjoy a wild, adrenaline rush of a game!!


Mausland Office!

We have just rented some space and moved into our new office last week! It's a really awesome place and we are proud to announce it's launch.

Click here to view some shots of the new Mausland Headquarters!


Netscribble released!

After months of hard work we are proud to announce
that Netscribble hits the web!

Netscribble is Mausland's first multiplayer game, so call your friends and give it a try!


Daily Scores fixed

As some of you reported, some games had a problem with accepting dailyscores.
These problems are now fixed!
Thanks for reporting
Also all Highscoretables has been pumped up to 5000 entries!


Two new Mausland Games!!

Today we've just released 2 games! The first one is Vertigo Sunrise, a climbing game. Vertigo Sunrise is remotely similar to the oldschool arcade game, "Crazy Climber". The second game we've released is SwapJob Reloaded, it's SwapJob but only now it's reloaded with new and fresh Gfx. It's more like the cell phone version. Check out the new stuff and have fun!
Click here to play Vertigo Sunrise - The Illyngophobia Solution!!
Click here to play Swap Job Reloaded!!

Btw, we have also released a new site for our self-made cell phone games! So, if you've got a minute, go over and visit our new site at:!!


Streets Of Fire Supernova 2035 DS!

We have just released the new and super-charged Streets of Fire Supernova! Take a trip down memory lane in this new tricked out version or just play for a scorching good time!
Click here to play Streets Of Fire Supernova 2035 DS!!


Mausland Multiplayer Games!!

We´re currently working on some multiplayer games.
One of those games will be "Netscribble",
a multiplayer-quiz-drawing game!
At the moment we cant give an exact release date
so just stay tuned!


Mausland??s Swap Job for your Cellphone!!

"Swap Job" has been unleashed for your cell phone in Germany, Austria and Swiss! There are loads of new and exciting characters waiting to play in the cell phone version. Also, the great advantage of saving your high scores online! If you're in Germany, Austria or Swiss, download and give it a try! It wont cost you much!


Indian Outlaw!

Mausland´s "Indian Outlaw" is released!
So why are you still reading this?
Click here to play Indian Outlaw!! :)


Mausland greetz the world!

Mausland visitors come from over 130 countries worldwide!
Mausland greets them all!


A new Mausland Game is coming!

Our new Flash game "Indian Outlaw" is nearly finished! The game features some superfast arcade-style shooting action and will be released soon!


The Mausland Song!

Today we stumbled across an incredibly cool fan flick, 2 Mausland-Songs by Nightlight/PartySan!
Awesome stuff!
Click here to listen to the Mausland Song 1
We feel honored, man...


Monthly Voting at Newgrounds!

Our Flash game Indian Outlaw won first place (Category GAMES)
in the monthly voting at!
250$ and an iPod Shuffle! Yay!


New Maus-app: Lobster Bounce (Android)


Donald Trump Pinball released! (Flash)

Click here to play Donald Trump Pinball!


Donald Trump Pinball released! (Flash)

Click here to play Donald Trump Pinball!



Next Shark Stop:


Swap Job
Streets Of Fire
Aggressive Alpine Skiing
Franks Adventure 3
Bubble Splash
Walking Beauty
Powerfox V.3
Catch A Crab 2
Franks Adventure 4 Gold
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