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 Adventure Plane Fly with your trusty Beechcraft through hidden caves! Go for the adventure of your life!!

 Aggressive Alpine Skiing If you love arcade games like Dolphin Dash you will enjoy the hell out of this fast paced skiing game!!
You requested it -- here it comes!! The game music as mp3 Megamix! Click here to download the mp3!

 Attack Of The Influenza Birds Save the world of diseased animals by shooting chickens from the streets!

 Banana Madness Travel into the deep depths of the jungle in search for bananas! Harvest and sell them to make some bucks in this wild banana adventure!

 Big Bungee Jump from high altitudes in hope you don't die in this exciting high flying game!

 Billy Blue Fish Billy Blue fish is a trippy fellow who needs to find his way through enchanted levels! Go for the trip of your life and guide Billy to the candy store!

 Birdchase Kill all the powerless birds in the sky under time to become the sharpest shooting bird chaser around!

 Bubble Splash Our new arcade puzzle game Bubble Splash hits the web!! Making this puzzlegame possible took a long time so we hope you enjoy playing it!!
Trixie, Basebot, Boba-King, Ninja-Kid, Monkeyman and Study-Bear are awaiting you each with a unique soundtrack!!
May the Bubblecolor be with you...

 Budong Get in the zen zone by masterly beating your oponent in a game of budong!

 Bullriding Explosive Grab your cowboy hat and enjoy a wild, adrenaline rush of a game!!

 Bülents Hütchenspiel spiele Bülents Hütchenspiel!

 Castle Cat 1 This is the first game of the Castle Cat series! Control that funky cat and make your way up the castle to kill the evil dragon!!

 Castle Cat 2 The second part of the four Castle Cat games! Run around as CastleCat. Shoot your cannon, fire maces, kill squids, cars, and get babes!
Dont forget to check out Castle Cat 1, Castle Cat 3 and Castle Cat 4 as well!

 Castle Cat 3 If you have played Castle Cat 4 dont miss part 3 of these games! It has some cool tunes and graphics are fun too!

 Castle Cat 4 Travel through the countryside to join CastleCat on his mission to rescue the Princess!

 Catch a Crab The first Catch A Crab game! Classic!

 Catch A Crab 2 The Sequel of Catch A Crab is here. This game is also age-appropiate for our younger audience! Highscores included!

 Crazy Shark Ball A wacky pinball-esque mini-game!

 Crazy Shark Ball 2 Go for a weird trip, meet girls and score as much points as possible!

 Deleted Surf the ocean in this awesome water game! Collect points while surfing on the high with highscores!

 Digital Gum Club Put on your silly hats and get ready to chow down in this bubbly adventure!

 Dolphin Dash A Mausland Classic now with Highscores!Fly through the level picking up coins and pills, going through hoops!

 Donald Trump Pinball A satirical pinball game!

 Eine unerfuellte Liebe

 Emperor of the Sword You are the emporer of the sword! Go destroy the armies of darkness and save Mausland!!


 Fafu The Ostrich RPG Save the world from the evil leopard demon in this fun action rpg!

 Franks Adventure 1 Still one of the most popular flashgame series on the internet! Frank´s Adventure games have been downloaded far more than 25 million times! If u like this one check out part 2 and 3 as well!

 Franks Adventure 2 Help Frank once again fullfill his quest for boobies! This time you are in a big city! Have fun!!

 Franks Adventure 3 "Franks third quest for nude pics! A game so sickeningly addictive you can only sit back as entire days disappear in its clutches."

 Franks Adventure 4 Gold The fourth part of the popular Frank´s Adventure series! ***GOLDVERSION*** PLAY IT NOW!

 Franks Panic Puzzle Frank is back in this short but mindblowing action-puzzle! Solve the panic puzzle!!

 Go Go Plant 2 The second installment of Go Go Plant with better graphics, better sound, better everything! Go, Go PLAY!

 Go Go Plant! Being a walking flowerpot is not easy! Help this tourist survive in this strange country!!

 Hau den Dax Hau den verdammten Dax!!

 Highway Hunter Avoid being hunted by cops in this fun game! Don't get caught and cross the finish line all while driving recklessly !

 Honey Bunny Fly around in your baloon to collect honey! Go bunny, go for the honey!! Now with Highscores!

 House Of The Ghouls A house full of Ghouls!! Now its up to you, grab your rifle and shoot the crap out of those fuckers!!

 Indian Outlaw You are the Indian Outlaw! Grab your motorbike and kick some serious ass in the land of the free! This will be the fastest gameplay you have ever seen on the web! Go for it NOW!!

 Indiana Jones Indiana Jones in Oddworld! Includes a Starwars level and much more!! You have to play it NOW!! :)

 Kolibri Hum around and use some sucking power to uncover suprises right in your garden!!

 Los Angeles Shark

 Mad Monday Run amok on the freeway in this driving game! Equip up to three weapons, jump over bridges and trains, force other vehicles off the road or just shoot them! Use unlimited continues and submit your highscore.

 Maus Force Attack An arcade style action packed vertical shooter were you guide your aircraft through enemy squadrons and lay to waste everyone in your path. Highscores included!

 Mausland Assault Fly around in effort to protect your territory in this fun sidescrolling shooter!

 Mausland Assault Level 2 This is the second level of Mausland Assault! Be sure to check out level 1 as well!

 Mausland Golf 1 In the mood for hitting some balls? Test your strokes in Grand Mausland Golf!

 Mausland Golf 2 In the mood for hitting some MORE balls? Test your strokes in Grand Mausland Golf 2!

 Mausland Sportfishing Take a nice trip up the mountains and test your luck in the challenging world of sport fishing!

 Medieval Shark Prepare to have your ass exploded! Death, kill, evaporate. The end is here.

 Miami Shark Take a wild ride through the action packed daily routine of a Miami Shark, the destruction and mayhem is bound to rip your face off right through the screen. Intense shark-tion includes intense explosions, mass genocide of innocents and adrenaline pumping insanity. Warning: game will blow up your monitor.

 Miami Vice Remain being the slickest dudes in town while fighting crime in your cool bell bottoms!!

 Monkey Dude Jump around on palm trees through this psychedelic jungle as a monkey. Fast paced and addicting, a must play !

 Mountain Manager Manage a group of mountainclimbers and guide them to the top of the mountain! Be the Mountain Manager!!

 Mountain Ranger 3D Forget boring views and witness some sweet 3d action in this awesome 3d shooter!

 My First Mausland Gather the kids around the screen for their first real Mausland adventure! Fun for everyone!

 Netscribble Our first Multiplayergame! Draw and guess online with other Mausland visitors.

 New York Shark Big Apple vs Big Shark, only one obvious winner.

 Ninja Air Combat Fly high in the sky in this fast paced side scroller! Use your ninja techniques to destroy the enemies!! Ninja side scroller action! Requires a fast pc!

 Nuke the World Rid everyone of there worries and have fun nuking the planet in this wonderful game!

 Ocean Life You should come to the ocean floor with me! It's pretty awesome!

 Operation Maus You´re a special forces soldier who has to save the world from the evil Commandante Maus! Totally addicting! Highscores included!

 Photo King The object of Photo King is to snap photos of crazy things and stuff!!

 Pizzaboy YOU are the pizzaboy - Deliver all pizzas!

 Poop Dog Poop your way up to the sky!!

 Power Fox 4 In 2011, war was beginning. India under the weight of it's caste system had fallen as it's own gods turned on it. Dying, crushed under a wall of a fallen building, a small bhikhaari sends out a final plea of hope "powerfox.. Powerfox.. Power Fox!"

 Powerfox V.2 Wacky actions abounds in this fast paced action-scroller!

 Powerfox V.3 The third version of Powerfox KICKS UBERASS! You will love it!
Don´t forget to check out Powerfox V.2 as well!

 Prehistoric Shark Travel back in time and eat some lizards on the way.
Change history and cause extinction.

 Programming God Do you have what it takes to be a Programming God?

 Quizmaster 5000 Ein virtuelles Quizgame der Superlative!! Quizvergnügen wie es nur einer bringen kann: Der Quizmaster 5000! Jetzt mit über 5000000 Fragen und Antworten!! Das ist Wahnsinn!!

 Ram Time! Witness the riveting drama unfold, a tale of deception, forbidden love and ancient lore!

 Rambo III Use your strength to fight just like you're in the movie! Try your best not to get knocked out!

 Safari Strip Go out to hunt some pussy cats....the better you do....the hotter they´ll be!

 Samba di Mausland Click on the samba shakers before they disappear!! Epeletic warning!! Go for it!!!

 Sergeant OMelly Be respected while fighting alone to save yourself in this moving drill adventure!

 Shark Lifting World's first shark-lifting game!

 Shark Lifting 2 Travel the world on an epic shark lifting adventure!

 Sleeping On Crocodiles Your little kitten is tired and on a search for a safe place to sleep. Jump from crocodile to crocodile to avoid ending up as lunch.Collect diamonds and buy fancy attire in the shop!Unlock medals on your dangerous trip and beat your best time!All achievements will be auto-saved!

 Speedmaster Be Speedmaster..Fight the evil gods of ancient Greece and uncover beautiful women!

 Sphinx Race Take a trip and use the force to race your sphinx to victory!

 Squirrel Squash This game makes the world go round! Collect as many acorns as you can, as fast as you can!

 Squirrel Squash 2 Your a little Squirrel! Run against the time and try to collect as much nuts as possible!

 Stardust This was the first anime game on Mausland! Travel colorful worlds in search for the stardust!

 Streets Of Fire Run around the streets as a hot flame causing fire and chaos! Highscores included!

 Streets Of Fire Supernova 2035 DS Feel the burn all over again, only now, you're in the future! Race through streets causing mayhem and destruction and earn insane jackpots doing so! Burning down things have never been so fun !

 Super Frisco Frenzy Crash through the busy streets of San Francisco on a cable car course, speed-fueled adventure!

 Super Ninja Strike You are not just fighting one opponent... You are fighting the unknown.

 Super Tennis Its like wimbledon, only better! Grab your racket and kick the shit out of this game! Amazing! : )

 Swap Job Its Puzzletime!
Do the swap job in this challenging action puzzle and beat the Highscores! Meet all your favourite Mausland characters in over 50 levels of long-time motivating arcade shuffle. Played over 4 million times!
Now also available as mobile game for your cell phone in Germany,Austria and Swiss!
Click Here for Swap Job Mobile!

 Sydney Shark The shark from Miami Shark game is in a new game,
Sydney Shark game, shark! Death is imminent!

 Sydney Shark Chinese The chinese version of Sydney Shark!

 Tarantula Big Spiders do big poo.......rescue the world killing Tarantula, the action-spider.

 Tea Sim Let's make tea!

 Tornado Button Smashing You are a tornado destroying civilization! Pure arcade-styled action!! Go!!!

 Treasure Seas, Inc. Addicting adventure game where you dive down and hunt for treasures in the Caribbean Sea! Go for a high score!!

 Turtle Run Don't get squashed by balls as you make your run to the ocean!

 Ultimate Crab Battle The most epic boss fight in the history of Flash gaming!

 Unbeetable There is a beehive on the loose, move bee zig for great bee. Bee bee bee bee bee. If you want to make an omlett, you gotta kill some bees!

 Vertigo Sunrise IV - The Illyngophobia Solution Climb up high buildings in the city in Vertigo Sunrise IV - The Illyngophobia Solution! Shirt and common sense not required for this fun vertical challenge. Scared of heights? Then get over it and play now!

 Walking Beauty This bizarre game has some good rewards! ;)

 War against Iraq This is a fun shooting game for the whole family! Fight Saddam and free the nation of iraq! Has anyone seen weapons of mass destructions around here?

 Wow-Cow Its a Cow -- Wow!

Swap Job
Streets Of Fire
Aggressive Alpine Skiing
Franks Adventure 3
Bubble Splash
Walking Beauty
Powerfox V.3
Catch A Crab 2
Franks Adventure 4 Gold
10  Operation Maus



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